BINTA originates from the love for Africa and its colors as well as the friendship between two women with close links to the continent. “In BINTA, we arecommitted to growth of workers and families involved in the project, both in Africa and in Spain. Therefore, we work in a dynamic in which labor costs, timing and family needs of all the people involved are respected..

At BINTA the creation of each garment is artisanal: fabrics are personally chosen,cut together with our sewers and sent to one of four independent, family owned workshops; fabrics are washed so that they colors do not bleed later on. Once at the workshop, every detail is reviewed, including finishing touches, fasteners and buttons. Everything is taken care of with love so that we can offer a quality product. “This process is the essence of BINTA because it is not only about business investment but about creating things that we love, involving the whole team in the process.

Our muse is a girl named BINTA (typical name of West Africa) and is the protagonist of “”Binta and the Great Idea”, a short film by director Javier Fesser,shot in Senegal in 2004 in collaboration with the Spanish Committee for UNICEF. This short film shows some of the hardships that children face in sub-Saharan Africa, from the innocent and optimistic view of Binta, while conveying a positive message about the education of the young and the reaffirmation of important African values.

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